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So Jacqui, tell us a little about yourself and JSDesigns

I’m a Sunshine Coast based artist and illustrator showcasing designer art prints, illustrations, paintings and handcrafted resin & crystal jewellery. With a touch on Modernism….my illustrations are contemporary designs based on Mid-century designers, famous 20th Century art and High-end fashion brands. My Coolkoos illustrations are three cute and lovable Australian bird characters…..a Blue-winged Kookaburra, a Red-tailed Cockatoo and a Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher. With their big round eyes, fluffy feathers and their quirky personalities, the Coolkoos are loved by all ages. When I have some spare time I design and created crystal necklaces, resin & sustainable sourced wood jewellery.

What is the most unique feature of your brand?

My designer prints and illustrations are unique and quirky. My designs are set out to catch the eye of mid-century fans, art lovers, fashion & design enthusiast and of course children.

Where do you find inspiration for the brand?

Having a background in Visual Art & Education, I explore colour and shape though modern art and is inspired by the natural world of organic forms and shapes. My inspirations for my designer prints come from designers such as Coco Chanel, Saint Laurent, Charles & Ray Eames, Bojesen, Prada, Don Featherston and many more… My Coolkoos illustrations are inspired by my backyard which backs up against the Australian bush high up on a mountain range. We have backyard kookaburras, black cockatoos fly over and on occasions I have spotted blue kingfishers.

Do you remember the day you had the idea for your brand?

My business has really evolved and changed quite a lot over the years. I came up with the Coolkoos when my second daughter was born…I wanted to created quirky cute illustrations for my girls and my goal is to write a children’s book. I am still in the process of adding more illustrations to my site so stay tuned for more cute Coolkoos illustrations.

As I am a huge fan on Mid-century design, art history and high-end fashion…my first design was based on the Charles and Ray Eames fiberglass chair. I took a photo on my replica chair and basically experimented with the image once uploaded to my graphics program and then basically my other ideas for my designs just kept flowing. I’m now really looking forward to painting my designs on to canvas.

Any new ideas or products coming out?

I am about to launch my limited edition prints… I have selected my best selling prints from the ‘Designer Series’ and have added a touch of glamour with genuine 24k gold leaf, genuine silver leaf or copper leaf gilding to these designs. I’ll be adding more Coolkoos illustrations to my site and will be selling them as prints. I am currently discussing plans for a Solo Exhibition later this year. I will be painting a selection of my designer prints on to large canvases.

Price Range of products

My Designer A4 Prints retail for $25.00 / the limited editiion prints retail between $35 – $55 / my jewellery ranges from $15.00 – $120.00

What / Where is the origin of products

I’m based on the Sunshine Coast at beautiful Ninderry. Some mornings and afternoons we have kangaroos in our backyard, kookaburras in the trees and on occasion beautful black cockatoos fly over. I grew up in Melbourne so living on the Coast is like Paradise.

Who’s in your team?

Well, it’s just me, besides always getting great feedback from my husband and two daughters. I am the artist and have creative control on every part of my business..from illustrating, website design, social media, packaging, photography…the list goes on.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

Besides my two beautiful daughters, Ava and Isla….my husband bought me a Charles & Ray Eames House Bird from Vitra Design Museum in Germany. My girls think it’s a black crow LOL!

Who should we interview next?

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