June 3, 2015 has featured my painting for the following article; Prized artworks return home

By Chris Munro, May 9, 2013

Hope Beyond the Window by Jacqui Stewart. The painting represents children from a Stolen Generation. The church symbolises christianity and the window represents ‘hope’ looking through to the sky. The children are portraying despair but also at the same time hopefulness and belief for a better future.

NATIONAL: Aboriginal artworks created by members of the Stolen Generation are returning home from a New York university.Aboriginal artworks created by me...

May 28, 2015


The University of Technology Sydney are usng my Indigenous Inspired paintings as an Educational resource for the UTS website. As part of a larger Graduate Attributes Project, they are developing a special teaching resource for raising awareness of a broad range of Indigenous issues amongst the UTS Community. Ultimately, their aim is to incorporate greater Indigenous awareness across every course at UTS.


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