April 29, 2017

Check out some of my new prints which will be available soon in my STORE.

A history lesson for all the Mid-century enthusiasts......the Noguchi table is a piece of modernist furniture first produced in the mid-20th century. Introduced by Herman Miller in 1947, it was designed in the United States by Japanese artist and industrial designer Isamu Noguchi.

January 6, 2017

Fetch Lane is a place to find unique, creative Australian & New Zealand products that are made with love.

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So Jacqui, tell us a little about yourself and JSDesigns

I’m a Sunshine Coast based artist and illustrator showcasing designer art prints, illustrations, paintings and handcrafted resin & crystal jewellery. With a...

July 16, 2015

You can purchase a range of my Designer Prints at the Green Cathedral - Noosa Design Gallery.  Furniture designer Tim & Sal Scarce makes stunning bespoke furniture. A huge thanks to Sally for displaying my prints.





July 16, 2015




You can find my latest Designer Prints at the beautiful store 'Home Style Living' in Yandina on the Sunshine Coast. Jonanna is now stocking a selected Limited Edition prints that have a touch of genuine 24k gold leaf gilding.


Phone store owner Joanna Bunney on  (07) 54727691


My Designer Print Titled: Swinging Bojesen on BKF

 image owned by Jaonna Bunney


June 3, 2015 has featured my painting for the following article; Prized artworks return home

By Chris Munro, May 9, 2013

Hope Beyond the Window by Jacqui Stewart. The painting represents children from a Stolen Generation. The church symbolises christianity and the window represents ‘hope’ looking through to the sky. The children are portraying despair but also at the same time hopefulness and belief for a better future.

NATIONAL: Aboriginal artworks created by members of the Stolen Generation are returning home from a New York university.Aboriginal artworks created by me...

May 31, 2015


An interpretation has been written on one of my paintings….’Hope Beyond the Window’.  I have pasted it below…



One of the pieces of art was a painting completed was titled ‘Hope Beyond the Window’ by Jacqui Stewart. I was unable to find the production date for this piece. The following is taken directly from my essay which analyses and interprets the painting:

‘The above piece of work depicts the scene of half-caste Aboriginal children sitting in front of the church they were taken too after being ‘stolen’ from their parents. In first looking at this representation, it may be...

May 31, 2015



ESSAY written by Year 10 Art Student ‘Sophia B’ from a Brisbane Private School.  She contacted me and we corresponded via email to help with her essay.

Jacqui Stewart’s artwork ‘Hope Beyond the Window’ identifies the western utopian vision on indigenous children. The painting communicates its concept through a use of hidden symbols. The main focus of the painting is the church that is symbolic as it demonstrates Christianity and a new life of teaching for the children. Furthermore, the representations of children in lines like soldiers reflect the order and structure of Whit...

May 28, 2015


The University of Technology Sydney are usng my Indigenous Inspired paintings as an Educational resource for the UTS website. As part of a larger Graduate Attributes Project, they are developing a special teaching resource for raising awareness of a broad range of Indigenous issues amongst the UTS Community. Ultimately, their aim is to incorporate greater Indigenous awareness across every course at UTS.


Visit the links are below.

May 1, 2014



This painting is published on ‘Creative Spirits’ website. See the link below.  I would like to thank Jens for publishing my painting.



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